The Institute of Culinary & Patisserie Arts

Welcome to Quenary Academy, We strive to be the patisserie & culinary institute of choice for those who love pastry and culinary arts.  Quenary is more than a training centre, we offers a fun and relaxing learning environment for students. We have developed an excellent training syllabus gleaned from many years experience from working in Pastry kitchens.

At Quenary Academy, students will be trained to become specialists in baking industry. We guides our students in both practical and technical aspects, encourage them to develop creativity and innovative thinking skills in baking, to ensure that once they enter the mainstream workforce, their knowledge will be poignant and relevant.

欢迎来到Quenary学院,我们努力成为那些热爱糕点和烹饪艺术的糕点和美食学院的首选。 Quenary不仅仅是一个培训中心,我们为学生提供一个有趣和轻松的学习环境。 我们已经制定了一个很好的培训课程大纲,从在糕点厨房工作多年的经验中收集。

在Quenary学院,学生将接受培训,成为烘焙行业的专家。 我们引导我们的学生在实践和技术两个方面,鼓励他们发展创意和烘焙创新思维技能,以确保他们一旦进入主流劳动力,他们的知识将是尖锐和相关的。