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The Institute of Culinary & Patisserie Arts

Quenary Academy was established in 2009, Quenary cooperates with the Asia’s best baking institute to introduce the latest cake decorating skill – Clay art cake decoration to Malaysia. Students who take the full-time diploma course will be able to learn knowledge about ingredients, baking technique and mass production, hygiene of food handling, and safety of workers. In order to meet the local market needs, Quenary Academy has developed a program that students will learn the latest baking techniques, business management, and recipes that suit Malaysia. Quenary Academy simulates the real kitchen for students to experience what they would face in the kitchen’s operation and make sure all students from Quenary Academy are able to work independently.

Students will be able to obtain the national authorized certificate in patisserie and the Diploma in Patisserie Arts & Food Service Management by TQUK. Those who pass their probation will be to further their studies abroad in the field of confectionery.

Furthermore, Quenary Academy invites international professional tutors to teach Clay art cake decoration skills to students. Clay art cake decoration is the latest technique that makes cake become an artwork. Students who handle well in clay art cake decoration will be able to learn other cake decoration skills more easily and quickly.

In order to attract more people who are interested in cake creativity, Quenary Academy launches an English – Chinese bilingual teaching method to help those who could not handle well in English or Bahasa Malay to ensure all students will get excellent results in the baking field. The students will grant a completion certificate after successful graduates from the course.

欢迎来到Quenary学院,我们努力成为那些热爱糕点和烹饪艺术的糕点和美食学院的首选。 Quenary不仅仅是一个培训中心,我们为学生提供一个有趣和轻松的学习环境。 我们已经制定了一个很好的培训课程大纲,从在糕点厨房工作多年的经验中收集。

在Quenary学院,学生将接受培训,成为烘焙行业的专家。 我们引导我们的学生在实践和技术两个方面,鼓励他们发展创意和烘焙创新思维技能,以确保他们一旦进入主流劳动力,他们的知识将是尖锐和相关的。